We have appreciated the benefits and social aspects of wine for many years. Well-travelled and fed, our palates developed organically. We began drinking wine in the early 70s, when Boones Farm was the rage and sophisticated college tastes ran to Mateus and Lambrusco. Our tastes are a bit more refined now and we understand that the wine we like best is the one we share over a meal with family and friends and that many factors unrelated to the wine itself affect one’s perception and enjoyment (or lack thereof): company, place, ambiance, even the weather.

Some people wonder why we decided to go into this business instead of retiring and enjoying wine from the other side of the counter.  We are curious people who need to understand how things work.  Enjoying wine wasn’t enough, we needed to understand why a wine was good or bad, what factors affected the development of flavors and color, how grapes grew best and what they required. We feel great peace and contentment in the vineyard. The beauty of the place, the sound of the wind rushing through the pines, the hawks riding the thermals above, the mountains in the east wearing their white caps, all of this makes us happy to be alive.

Top all that off with a community of people who live to grow grapes, make wine, educate about wine, and just plain know and enjoy wine, and you have an answer to the “why?”

Our name, Uphill Vineyards, describes not only the topography of our site, but also the journey we have been on for the past dozen years. We are pleased to present our wines and hope you try them and enjoy them.

— Beth & Ira Rosenthal